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Is it Hard to Write a Book?

writing a book

Many say the hardest part of writing a book is sitting down and actually writing the first page. We have written previously about the Blank Page and how it scares many people. The effort of actually organising your thoughts on a page and breathing something new into existence is an intimidating thought.

And then there’s editing and rewriting. The part of the process that most authors and writers hate the most. The book has been written. The story has been told. But now you must go back and carry out countless edits to reshape it, make it sound better and fix any spelling or grammatical errors. For many it’s about as fun as pulling teeth.

But there is good news. As hard as writing a book is, it is a very achievable goal. As said above, if you are dedicated and organised and set aside time to actually write, you will definitely be able to write a book.

The next challenge comes with writing a GOOD book!

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