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About The Author Enigma

Hi there!​ 


My name is Ian and welcome to The Author Enigma. I'm an aspiring children's fiction writer from West Cork, Ireland. I  have been writing for over fourteen years and in that time have produced over ten completed manuscripts. Most are terrible and will never amount to much other than fodder for my desk drawer. But there are a few I hold out hope for. This then begs the question, how do I get published? How do I get an agent? Do I self-publish? How do I submit my work? What are the guidelines? How the hell do I write a synopsis?


​I've struggled with all these questions. I've had hundreds of rejections for my books and the numbers only continue to rise. At times it feels as if I'm on the cusp of achieving my aim. At others, it feels like I have never been further away. The Author Enigma will follow my journey as I write, edit, prepare for submission, submit my work and, hopefully, achieve an agent and publishing deal. I aim to be as honest as possible about my journey but I want this to be more than just about me. ​ The Author Enigma will also be about you! I want to not only bring you on my journey but also share my learnings and experiences in the hope that it will help you with your writing career.


The literary world can feel like a labyrinth sometimes with no end. It can feel impenetrable with no way to break into that inner sanctum. It's not, of course. It's just an industry. An industry with rules to help it operate. And there are ways to make your mark. Some are fortunate to hit on gold early on. Others, myself included, must toil for years before making that breakthrough. But it is my belief that with perseverance, the breakthrough will come. So let's make a go of it together.​

I look forward to sharing my story with you.


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