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How Do First Time Authors Get Published?

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The most common way for a first-time author to get published is by getting an agent and then they submit your work to a publisher. Though be warned, this is not a quick process.

An author must first write and edit their book so that it is as strong as possible. After that they have to prepare their submission materials, a cover letter, synopsis and opening chapters. Then they have to submit them to agents after conducting careful research. Now it’s time for The Wait. This is the period when writers are simply left waiting for the agent to get back to them. The standard response time is roughly around 8 weeks, however this can also be shorter or much longer. At times it could be 8 or 9 months later when an unwelcomed rejection arrives in your inbox. Once I received a rejection in just under 60 minutes.

If the writer is lucky, an agent will want to represent them. Once this happens, further editorial work goes into the book. The agent must pitch the book to publishers and if the publisher is interested, publication could take place a year or two later.

It’s a long process for first time authors to get published but that’s the recommended route. Of course, one could skip much of the wait and just self-publish or approach a publisher directly. However, if you are looking for a long career, the general advice is that signing with an agent is the way to go.


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