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Grimwood Book Review

The cover of Grimwood by Nadia Shireen

Title: Grimwood

Author: Nadia Shireen

Age range: 6-9 years

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published: 2021

Grimwood follows the adventures of fox brother and sister, Ted and Nancy. Ted is a sweet, kind fox while his older sister Nancy is much tougher, protective and ready to pick a fight with anyone who looks at her the wrong way (and many who look at her the right way!).

Living in the big city isn’t easy. Their parents aren’t around and they have to scavenge for food from bins behind the local chicken shop. But worst of all, there’s the evil Princess Buttons, a once pampered kitty who has now turned into a terror who wants the best bins all to herself.

After an unfortunate encounter, Ted accidentally bites off Princess Buttons’ tail. To escape the wrath of Princess Buttons, Nancy decides she and Ted have to leave the big city which leads them to Grimwood, a forest full of animals who like to drink coffee, play games and host talent shows.

Ted makes friends, gets involved in a theatre production and starts to settle into life in Grimwood. But Princess Buttons is lurking and she has a wicked plan for revenge. Can Ted and Nancy escape her vengeance?

Grimwood is a wonderfully funny, anarchic story with a lot of heart. The relationship between Nancy and Ted is relatable, especially Nancy’s overprotective nature and the reasons behind it. The characters are silly and varied and will be loved by readers of all ages. Grimwood will no doubt be a hit series for years to come.

Favourite bits:

  • The game of TREEBONK! How fun is that!?

  • Eric Dynamite, the friendly woodlouse who pops up at random points during the book to give his thoughts on what’s going on!

Overall Rating: 10 flying squirrels🐿️


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