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Why is Writing a Book So Hard?

writing a book

Writing a book is a big undertaking but hugely rewarding. However, there are a number of barriers to actually finishing one. If you’re planning on trying to write a book, keep these obstacles in mind:

Writing a book takes a long time and a lot of dedication

It’s not something you can simply finish after a week or two of work. You need a lot of self-motivation to push through and complete your story.

Writing causes self-doubt

Even as you write, you might decide the words you are putting on a page are complete rubbish. Know that this is something every writer feels and you just have to overcome it.

Writing requires planning

Sure, some writers can just write with no forethought and magic flows from their fingers. But for most of us we need to make some sort of plan to understand where our story is going and how it will end. This stops it from becoming a long, meandering mess.

No guarantee of success

Some people become demotivated because there is absolutely no guarantee of success when it comes to writing. And if you’re in it just to make millions, you’re probably not writing for the right reasons.

It takes practice

We would all love our first manuscript to turn into a bestseller…or any type of seller at all. But the simple fact is most authors won’t find success with their first book. Or their second book. In fact, some could be hitting double digits before they taste any kind of success.

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