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What is the Hardest Part of Writing a Book?

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There are many challenges when writing a book. Writing schedules, planning properly, self-doubt, the knowledge that failure is more likely that success. The hardest part of writing a book, though, can be split into two characteristics. Resiliency and self-motivation.

As a writer you will face rejection. There are no ifs or buts. When submitting to agents, they will reject you. When you have an agent, publishers will reject you. When you publish a book, readers will reject you. When you get feedback for your work, people will reject your ideas and suggest you change them.

Staying resilient through all of this is a tough task and a lot of writers and potential writers wince and shy away and possibly even give up at the thought of so much rejection. This feeds into the idea of self-motivation, too.

When you’re writing a book, no one is going to stand at your side and force you to write it. No one can inspire you. That has to come from within. And it’s staying motivated through those low moments or those times when things aren’t going well that separate people who write books from people who would like to write a book.

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