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How Do You Find a Literary Agent?

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Literary agents are often seen as the gatekeepers of the literary world, the guardians of the books that get sent to publishers. Finding one to represent you can be a struggle though. Not because they’re hiding or are trying to avoid human contact, but because they receive thousands of submissions annually and may only take on one or two new clients a year.

So, how do you find a literary agent? The best place to start is with the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook. This has a list of all the active literary agencies and agents and should be your first port of call. Another great place is the internet. Every agency has strict submission guidelines which you must adhere to when submitting. Many of these guidelines are similar but some require some alterations or additional information.

The final place you can find literary agents is through events such as literary festivals or online talks. At such events it may be possible to actually meet with agents one-on-one and perhaps even pitch your book to them.

All the best in your quest of trying to obtain one.

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