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Can I Write a Book with No Experience?

pen and pencil

Yes, for the most part!

If you are writing fiction, then there is nothing stopping you from writing a book. All you need is a pen and paper (or a laptop in today’s modern age)! Your story may require some research on the setting, era or content, but this doesn’t require any prior experience.

You may see that many writers have attended writing courses or even have Undergraduate or Masters degrees in Creative Writing (some really fancy ones even have PhDs!). These are helpful, of course, but are not essential for writing fiction.

The only time when previous experience may play a role is when it comes to writing non-fiction and even then, no actual writing experience is required. However, as non-fiction is based on fact, a writer’s academic credentials and background may be very important as readers want to learn from an authority.

To sum up, yes, you can write a book with no experience. The slight caveat is when it comes to non-fiction.

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