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Can I Be An Author if I Don't Like to Read?

reading a book

There are very few requirements to being a writer. In terms of the raw materials, all you need is a pen and paper (or laptop), time and perseverance. So that's it? No requirement to read? Not quite.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like to read, you are likely not going to be a very good writer. You might watch movies. You might love the theatre. You might have completed Netflix. But if you don’t read, you won’t truly know how written stories should sound and be structured.

Every writer must be a reader. Trying to write without reading is like trying to play football without moving or trying to play golf with only one club. It’s essential. And your writing will be far better for it.

If you're wondering "Can I be an author if I don't like to read?", know that the answer is no. You have to be a reader first!

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